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**My day is so exciting that....**

I'm posting pictures of Ken eating ice-cream. (^_^) They're a little dark because we only had the christmas tree lights on at the time, but they're still cute, I think.

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I love my boyfriend. *squee*

**OMG! Friends Only from Now on!**

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Friend Only. Comment to be added (^_^)


If you love Little Britain, and you love Kyo/Dir En Grey, then you can't help but worship my icon. I don't remember who made it, so if you know, please let me know so I can credit them for this wonderful piece of art! I have died laughing at it a million times. XD~


I am so excited about Ayacon now! ^__^ The accomodation is all booked up and sorted. It's a shame that Heather can't join Sam and I on the Thursday and Friday too, though ;__; Oh well, it'll still be fun when I finally meet up with her again! <3~ Now, I just need to get all of my outfits ready ^_^ I have to take my dress to be altered, and find a pair of long white socks and white platform shoes, then my sweet lolita outfit is ready...then I need to start on a Gothic Lolita outfit....I need to finish my Mana cosplay....and figure out with Sam how on earth we're going to do Kazuno hair (hee ^_^) THEN....I need to decide If I'm definitley cosplaying Rinoa OR Rikku....humm....(>_<;;) Too many decisions! O_o I'm still really excited though. Wheeheehee! I've got bits and pieces already, like my MmM socks and my long silk black gloves *huggles them* It's going to be so awesome! <3~~~~~~
I also pre-ordered my copy of the new Moi Dix Mois DVD, of the live show that I was able to attend...I really hope I'm not on it....(>_<;;) Hee hee ^^ It would be quite cool if I was! I'm really happy and excited about the DVD arriving at my house...hurry, hurry! ^_~
The fanbook is going well, too ^_^ I had two entries arrive this morning. Yay! <3~
Tonight, I'm going to go and see Scotty ^_^ I'm feeling pretty good right now, despite PMS and college tomorrow (>_<)


I just pre-ordered Moi Dix Mois first press Limited edition Invite to Immorality DVD....*bounces* I've finished my exams. I've got the whole night off to do whatever I want.

I FEEL GREAT! <3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Well, my History and Politics exams are over and done. I might sound reserved but I am so happy I can't explain it. This morning I cried my eyes out, thinking I knew nothing and was going to fail, and when I got there, It wasn't as bad. I guess I over-reacted. Hee (o^_^o)
Tonight, I'm going to get takeaway, watch Scars of Sabbath and some Sailor Moon, and then work on the fanbook.....then go to bed early because I'm so tired...*yawns* Waaah...I posted all of that ebay stuff this afternoon. Finally! It cost me like £20....I really was too generous with shipping. Oh well ;___;
I can't wait for the Moi Dix Mois European DVD release! <3~~~~ YAAAAAAY ^__^ I need to pre-order....hurry up, Midi-nette! ;__;
Well, sorry that this entry is short, but my eyes are closing O_O;; Bless me.

**Very short...**

I just wanted to say....I am so proud...I've revised for six hours and forty five minutes over the course of the day. YES!! *Dances merrily* Go me....<3~~~~~~~~ That's it!

Also.....PLEASE SUBMIT TO THE MOI DIX MOIS FANBOOK! *Omgfdhskfyedjsdkdjhjskdslsd!* <----Fangirl joy

That is all. ^__~

**Pointless but fun memes! <3**

A cut is necessary, I've done shitloads of them =D

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I think I might commit suicide. (>_<;;) I just can't bring myself to revise! I am trying like, uber, uber hard. I sit down in front of my folder....get my notebook and pens out....and then just get up and walk away. I can't help it. In the whole holidays, I think I've done three hours of revision. It's getting to become a nightmare. I'm just lazy. I have tried, I have! It's so boring...I do it for an hour then go..meh. I've done an hour. *walk away* I'll never get my Grade A's! ;____;
Today, I went shopping =3 I only went for an hour though, trying to convince myself to hurry and get home to revise. Consequently, I only bought a pair of long black silk gloves, a metre of pink ribbon with roses on it (for my headdress at Ayacon) and a cream coloured sparkling sweet Lolita purse to go with the dress I'm wearing for Ayacon <3~~~ I'm starting to get excited beyond beleif now! My registration got confirmed lastnight, and now all we have to do is book some acomodation <3~~~ Yushyush, excitement! =3
This was just a short update. I'm waiting for an email that I'll get very excited about when it arrives....i was hoping it would have arrived this morning, but it didn't, and since it's now 3AM in Japan, I highly doubt that I'll receive it tonight. I really hope it's waiting for me in the morning.....<3~~~~ When I work out what's going on, I'll probably hype about it or cry about it on here ^_~ Please, let it be good news! *Crosses fingers*
Right, now i PROMISE that I am going to revise. Like really.....now....¬__¬ yes, now! X
This morning was rather uneventful. Everybody sat around, not looking at each other, looking at the floor of our living room, not knowing what to say. Holding hands, taking shaky breaths, and every now and then someone would raise their eyes, take a breath as if to speak but then turn their head away, deciding against it. How stupid. Personally I didn't feel the need. I'm alright. I can see the optimism in this tidal wave of pessimism, so I'm alright. I felt much better when everybody ended the silliness and talked openley about what would happen. My poor Uncle <3~~ Well, this is a matter I don't particularly want to discuss on here. So I'm sorry. It's not like anybody reads this shit anyways ^_^;;
I took a long bath this afternoon, and washed my hair in apple shampoo, and then went over it with spearmint conditioner. O_o Now my hair smells just like polo mints. Looking at my revision folder while drying my hair, I didn't really want to face it. My room was too hot! I opened up the window and it seemed like such a nice day outside....so I headed downstairs with my folder, Pucca clock, a stack of Malice Mizer CD's and my discman, in a skirt and flip flops. O_o Flip flops....I haven't worn them since Year 8 or something. ^_^;; Anyhoo, heading for the solitary silence and coolness of the garden, I almost died when I got there, since my Dad, Brother and his girlfriend were all outside, laughing. LOUDLY. ;___; Quite a change from the morning. I turned back around to head to my room but my dad stopped me and told me there was plenty of room. What choice did I have? I sat down and revised for twenty minutes, struggling through notes on The Great Depression, making my own and trying to memorize, and then everybody went inside. So I revised for another half an hour, until the garden became too cold to continue. So here I am! ^^ With my tomato soup ^_^ before I go to work (>_<;;) *sigh,sigh* Well, I still think forty five minutes or so of study isn't bad for today ;__; I'll do better tomorrow.
Karui, I am sooo sorry for worrying you lastnight.

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